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hey there!  I'm Deedrie, founder of mybricole.  I like to make things like cakes with lots of frosting and quilts stitched entirely by hand.

I grew up in a family where everyone made "stuff".  It seemed everyone was always working on something.  Sometimes things were made out of necessity, sometimes it was simply to prove it could be done.  Mostly, I think it was just a better way to get exactly what was wanted.  Way back when in the '90s, I studied history & art, with the plan of becoming a decorative arts curator then I met a boy and plans changed.  A few moves, a couple of babies, and we found ourselves back in Iowa.  We were lucky enough to land in a 1920's tudor revival cottage that we fell for the moment we walked in the back door.

 mybricole was founded in 2008.  My original intent was a food blog, but my first post was on crocheted shawl I had just finished.  That probably should have been my first hint that food wasn’t going to be my main focus.  mybricole has become my running journal where I keep track of what did or didn't work in a recipe or pattern.

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