my new best friend

This is Pearl. She just moved in and we are having lots of fun together.

I have been wanting to make a cover for my camera strap for a while now, but most of the tutorials that I have seen are tubes that slide over the strap.  I guess I'm a bit lazy, but I didn't want to have to deal with taking the strap off every time I wanted to change covers.  I came up with a velcro cover that can be swapped out on a whim.

I started with a 24" by 6 1/2".  I pressed the sides in 1/4" and then 1/2" and stitched them.  Then pressed the length in 1/4" then 1/2" and stitched them.  Then I attached fusible velcro along the length on the inside.

Then attached velcro to the length of the opposite side on the outside, making sure they would line up and connect when the cover wraps around the strap.

Then just wrap it around the strap and you are ready to go.