broken fence quilt

I just love this Freebird line from MoMo.  I also used it for the spots quilt that now lives with my mom.  The colors are rich, the patterns are bold, and what's not to love about all of those different polka dots? I based the block design on a traditional rail fence pattern, although those are usually more unified in color and made of staight lines.  That's why I decided this is more of a "broken" fence for me.

The back has some more of the pieced blocks along the right side.  These block are next to a band of print that is one of my favorite pieces of fabric around.  I just love those big blue trees.

Inspired by the some the sashiko embroidery that's been popping up around the interweb, I quilted it with chocolate brown thread in a ripple pattern, wider ripples at the top that get closer together as they spread out across the quilt.  I'm really pleased with the how well the wave effect turned out.

It's listed at etsy and big cartel.

If you would like it to come live with you, just let me know.