all the little ticking clocks

tic tock It's the end of May.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids (thrilled to not be making lunch at 7 am for a while)

It seems I may finally have a handle on whatever this issue is with my stomach (once again I pause to be grateful it isn't celiac)

We are starting the next program in cj's listening therapy (fingers crossed for better attention and focus)

Piano and drum lessons will start soon (still need to schedule swimming lessons)

The spouse is already planning 2 trips to Argentina and 1 trip to Canada this summer (ugh)

I also have quilt blocks that need to be pieced into a top for cj's bed (guess my new goal for that will be this fall)

I have managed to finish all the teacher gifts  (need to get pics of the two I finished yesterday)


The two hats on the ends are gifts for cj's associates.  The middle hat was given to my super neighbor for her birthday.

tic tock

on to the next thing on the list...