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the quilt is in the mail

It seems my brother hasn't picked up his mail in a while.  Either that, or he did pick up his mail and doesn't like his Christmas present.  Of course, the third possibility is the postman decided he was getting a bit chilled with all the snow and decided to cozy up with it himself.  However having known my brother all my life, I'm going with the first option.

The front has Civil War battle scenes along with portraits of Lee and Grant and confederate and union money.  I based the pattern loosely (very loosely) on the idea of a flag, blue and white on the left red and white stripes on the right.

The border is a repeat of the Gettysburg address in Lincoln's handwriting.

The back has a bit of piecing with the battle scene panels in bands of blue and ivory stars and stripes.  It's channel quilted every inch or so and bound with a burgundy and khaki floral.

If it turns out it was the postman, I'm hoping the postman is as much of a history buff as my brother.