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bear paw

Here is my last finish of 2012. 12-12 bear paw quilt

A twin size bear paw made at my brother's request to be given as a Christmas gift.

The only direction I was given was to use fabrics that a little old lady would like.  I chose mostly reproduction prints from various Windham collections.  I love repro prints for their intricate patterns and details.  I like making quilts that can be appreciated from a distance, and then with a closer look you get a chance to admire the more delicate aspects of the print.  Most of all, I love mixing all those intricate prints together.

12-12 bear paw quilt frontThe back is a large star inspired by one of Jeni's tutorials.  I based the size of my star on the smallest piece of fabric I was using, so it's smaller than the tutorial, but I think it has impact and is a great surprise for a quilt back.

12-12 bear paw quilt backI'm in the middle of three quilt tops now, so with any luck I will be back soon with my first finish of 2013.