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did I mention?

One - Lulu turned 9 last week.  That means two kids in double digits next year.  I'm not sure how this happened so quickly. birthday cake

Two - Ali hosts a fun game/giveaway every month on her blog and this month I'm helping out with July's challenge.  Be sure to check out her post on this month's stash match, play along and you could win some fabric.  {oh and a hit, hmmm, I guess the best I can tell you is after showing the options to a fabric friend who knows my stash pretty well, I can tell you it's the exact opposite of the one you think it is. }

three - If you follow me on instagram you probably knew this, but I just spent the most awesome weekend with friends sewing.  More on that later.

view from balcony


ages 10 and up

last week was birthdays week at the cottage this guy


now looks more like this

He still asks for the same chocolate cake that he had on his very first birthday, but this year it was an R2D2 version.

Besides droids, he also loves owls.  I made this little one for him, which he named Eglantine after the little owl in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

I celebrated my birthday with some antique time.

Here's my cake

It was a cream cheese frosting over a vanilla cake that I dyed purple.

We ended the week with some bowling.

lulu and I took a moment to admire our cool shoes.


la moustache

step one - cut out mustache and punch hole step two - slip lollipop through hole in moustache

step three - help 22 kindergarteners grow a moustache

Lulu has a summer birthday so I sent her treats in last week so the class could celebrate.


Whenever one of Lulu's friends has a birthday, she thinks we should give a doll so that their dolls can all be sisters.  Last week another one was created and sent off to a new home. Here she is with her dress and apron, and without.

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