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party for 7

Turning seven that is... I spent an evening last week knotting strips of scrap fabric on to a piece of twine.

Lulu wanted a camp theme so we set a plan for an afternoon in the backyard with a tent full of balloons and games like bocce and basketball.  Then it turned out to be the hottest and most humid day we've had this year.  We still had the tent, but went with a water fight to try to cool off. Then they painted birdhouses.

They decorated bangle bracelets made from popsicle sticks. (here they are undecorated)

They made paper fortune tellers and signs for their rooms.

We had a sundae bar with all the fixin's along with cupcakes.

After all of that, they each went home with their own hobo bindle filled with goodies...

...and I slumped into a chair and didn't move for hours.

no sew bunting

I made this bunting for lulu's fourth birthday.

Actually I made it around 10pm the night before her fourth birthday party.  I was in a hurry so I used fabric-tac glue instead of sewing it.

Last year it was blazing hot, so we celebrating inside.

It was quick and easy.

All I did was cut a length of twine to the length I needed and then cut triangles out of my stash fabric.  I used pinking shears too keep the fraying of the fabric to a minimum.  This year they were hanging outside for a couple of days through wind and rain so the edges have been softened.

I also trimmed the top corners off a bit so they wouldn't overlap and show from the front.  Then I glued them around the twine.