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the fastest September on record

I have no facts to back that up, but here on the last day of September I can't help but ask, "where did it go?" It's been a blur of tumbling, vegetable pick ups, orchestra, yoga, and violin lessons with the extra fun of early outs every other Wednesday.  Personally I see those early outs as the school testing to see how many times I will forget to pick up my kids.

Right in the middle of the month was Sewing Summit.  It's always a great time.  I cannot tell you how fun it is to actually hang out all weekend with the people who generally just hang out in my phone.

along with waffles with Jeni...

strawberry waffle with creme fraiche

and fabric...

tissu in Salt Lake City

and menchie's...


and yarn...

Blazing Needles Yarn Shop

and a roommate who looks a bit threatening, but really isn't...

Kaye and Elena

amazing speakers...

Deedrie, Olivia Omega, and Linsdey

and friends, some who I've been lucky enough to hang out with at past summits and some I just met...

Elena, Amy, and LindseyDeedrie, Pat Bravo, Jeni

(pic from Pat Bravo)

at menchie's

(pic from Amy)

and then there are the mountains...

in Salt Lake City

oh and did I mention the waffles...

waffle with speculoos and creme fraiche

But now it's the last day of September and I am looking at my 2013 project list and I need to get busy.  I will try to make the best of my time today, stuck at home waiting for someone to fix my water heater and hoping I don't have to boil water so the kids can take baths tonight.

I could really use a waffle right about now.

diy name tag

The Sewing Summit will be here before I know it.  I spent the better part of the morning trying to remember how I made my name tag last year, so this year I kept notes. To start, I took my first attempt, ever, at paper piecing.  Starting with 1/2" tumblers was probably not the best idea, but now 2" hexagons with be smooth sailing.  Once I had them stitched together I embroidered my name on them.

For the base of the tag, cut 2 rectangles for the front and back and fuse some 808 pellon on the back of  each.  Making sure to cut the pellon 1/4" smaller on each side for the seam allowance.

Using a zig-zag stitch attach one of the magnet clasps to one piece.  This piece is now the back.

Switching to the front, using transfer paper, put my blog name on and then embroider over the transfer.

With right sides together I stitch three sides of the tag together with a 1/4'seam.  Leaving the fourth open gives enough room to turn it right side out with the bulk of the magnet and the interfacing.

Use a knitting needle to push the corners to points.  Press in the open edge and top stitched around the entire rectangle.

All that is left is attaching the tumblers.  Fuse them with a strip of steam a seam and hand stitch them around the edge they are secure.

Cross "make name tag" off of the to do list.


i was a bit preoccupied

The past few weeks I've been getting ready for a trip.  It was a big deal because I haven't travelled solo since the 90's.  I was feeling confident until one night when cj was in tears asking how I could leave when I promised him I would always be there for him.  Talk about some Mom Guilt!  I took a deep breath, had some friends and the spouse promise me that all would be well and... I went to the Sewing Summit...

It was cloudy when I arrived, so I was shocked to see the mountains outside my window when I woke up the next day.

All I can say is there are not enough adjectives to describe the trip...amazing, funfilled, overwhelming, thoughtful, kind, inspiring, exhausting, hilarious...

It was lovely to hang out with people who's blogs and tweets I've been following for so long, and also to meet new people {including Megan's awesome Mom & Dad!}

Honestly, it was just great to hang out and instead of typing LOL we could actually just laugh together.

I was lucky enough to be Amanda's teaching assistant.  You can blame the boom of mini quilts that's about to happen all over the internet on her uber-inspiring class.

I got to sit with Claudia during the improve piecing class.

I know what you're thinking a bunch of ladies on the loose, there must of been some crazy nights...

like this, but she's Canadian, and she's awesome...

mostly, this happened...

(thanks for sharing your pic Amanda)

I love this pic too.

All the classes and dinners and chats and stitching flew by and I was heading home before I knew it.  Oh and  I also saved a camera.

Things at the cottage were fine.  The spouse learned how to make tacos, lulu was thrilled I was able to find sock monkey flannel to make her some new pj's, and cj keeps the little owl I found him by his bed at night.  He had some trouble sleeping while I was gone and there were a few extra "NO" and "I don't want to" last week, but he seems to be getting back on track.

I'm doing my best to finish all the projects I've already started before starting anything new.

We'll see how that goes.